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Jon Kaplan,


A love story that conjures Orpheus leading his Eurydice out from the underworld of small town hell.


Gravel, gravel. Bombshell. Deluxe. Delectable. Devine. Chloe from the underworld arrives. A porn star’s love child, slight curvature of the spine, the hint of a limp she’s trying to hide. Another new town, new life, new school. She walks to the back of the classroom. Skank. Skank. Rapist. Bully. Big girl. Odd boy. Stare. Stare. Odd looking boy in the second row gazes out the window.


Hardened from a life filled with bullies, dead-beat boyfriends and no sense of hope, Chloe uses her sexuality as her weapon and her armour. Always on the wrong side of cool, Chris is a different sort of outcast who is living his own version of a nightmare. But when ‘Odd Boy’ Chris meets ‘Chloe from the Underworld’, an intense connection is formed and suddenly, a different life seems possible.


Born in Vancouver, Australian Playwright Vivienne Walshe is returning home, making her Canadian debut with this searing two-handed poem. Winner of the 2012 Griffin Award, This is Where We Live is a love story that conjures Orpheus leading his Eurydice out from the underworld of small town hell. A raw and honest portrayal of adolescence told in sharp, gritty and erotic language, with equal parts naivety and humour, This is Where We Live is a modern mythical tale of isolation, longing, desire and teenage awkwardness.

Saw This is Where We Live @SummerWorks Sublime. Highly, highly recommended. Adored the tart Joycean flavour. See it.


John Doyle, 

The Globe and Mail


This is Where We Live

ThisIsWhereWeLive - photobyDahliaKatz-0488
ThisIsWhereWeLive - photobyDahliaKatz-0393
ThisIsWhereWeLive - photobyDahliaKatz-0431
ThisIsWhereWeLive - photobyDahliaKatz-0473
by Vivienne Walshe
The SummerWorks Theatre Festival, Aug 6-16th 2015

Directed by Taryn Jorgenson

Performed by Jenna Harris and Tim Welham

Dramaturged by Emma Mackenzie Hillier

Lighting Design by Adrien Whan

Set and Costume Design by Jenna McCutchen

Sound Design by Alicia Porter

Stage Managed by Laura Paduch

Dialect Coaching by Lopa Sircar

Running Time: 65min


Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace, 16 Ryerson Avenue

This is Where We Live is nothing short of two dynamic performers telling one unique love story. Playing at the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace, Discord and Din Theatre’s presentation at 

SummerWorks 2015 shows
what talented performers can do with a great script in a sparse space.


Jeff Kerr, 

Mooney on Theatre

Jenna Harris and Tim Welham

Photo credit: Dahlia Katz

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