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Discord and Din Theatre History


Founded by Artistic Producer, Jenna Harris, Discord and Din Theatre was established in 2015 to produce Mine at the Next Stage Theatre Festival. Mine will receive a full production in April 2020 at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, directed by Buddies Artistic Director Evalyn Parry. 

In August of 2015, Discord and Din Theatre produced This is Where We Live by Canadian-born, Australian playwright Vivienne Walshe at the SummerWorks Theatre Festival. This is Where We Live received rave reviews and the only 5N review of the festival from NOW Magazine. Its two actors, Jenna Harris and Tim Welham, also received honourable mention for the festival’s Spotlight Award for Performance. 


Most recently, Discord and Din Theatre produced the Canadian premiere of British playwright Cordelia Lynn's gut-wrenching Lela & Co. in association with Seventh Stage Productions at The Theatre Centre BMO Incubator, September-October 2017. This production received a Dora Nomination in the Independent Category for Outstanding Female Performance.


In April 2020, Discord and Din Theatre was to produce the Canadian premiere of Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. by British playwright Alice Birch, at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. This was to be our largest production to date, which was sadly canceled due to COVID.


Mission Statement


Discord and Din Theatre produces Canadian and International plays that are artistically outcast and are created

outside conventional narratives, seeking to push the boundaries of traditional theatrical conventions. We are

particularly interested in theatre that is feminist, political, and activist, that focuses on stories and voices that

are often excluded from mainstream narratives.

We do not want to shy away from difficult topics—themes that scare us as individuals or as a society—but

rather face them head-on through ground-breaking theatrical productions. As a company, our goal is to enter

into an exchange with our audience about these topics, perspectives and voices, so as to work together to

become a more accepting, empowered and cohesive society.

Focus on Audience Engagement 

As we continue to work together as a collective and produce, our goal is to make audience engagement a

priority with a particular focus on students, young and emerging artists, marginalized communities, and

those in the general audience who seek to be challenged artistically and want to learn more about theatre,

the theatrical process and producing. We believe strongly that theatre brings people together and creates a

sense of community. And since the work that we choose to produce often focuses on those who feel disenfranchised,

we feel it is vital for us to contribute in any way we can to building a stronger and more inclusive theatre community. 

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