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by Jenna Harris
Next Stage Theatre Festival, January 7-18th 2015

Is this seat taken?

A bar, two strangers and a Fuzzy Navel.  Mine is a rhapsodic odyssey of love, loss, laughter and the lives of two women as they build a relationship together.  Composed within a haunting and sensual rhythm, this is a play that speaks to our desire and desperation to be understood, valued and loved.  Our human need to belong.


Directed by Clinton Walker

Performed by Jenna Harris and Michelle Polak

Dramaturged by Clinton Walker

Lighting Design by Adrien Whan

Produced by Emma Mackenzie Hillier

Set and Costume Design by Jenna McCutchen

Sound Design by Lyon Smith

Stage Managed by Christopher Douglas


Running Time: 65min


Factory Studio Theatre

125 Bathurst Street


Tickets: $15 and can be purchased by visiting or by calling 416-966-1062.

NNNN very funny and

very sexy.


Jon Kaplan,


Mine is a fresh, celebrated display of women and sexuality and definitely something that we should see more of.


Veronica Appia, 

The Theatre Reader


Mine is an erotic, poetic and truthful journey in and around the evolution of a relationship – with lovely work from actors Harris and Polak.


Cate McKim, 

Life with More Cowbell


Jenna Harris and Michelle Polak

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