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Lela & Co.

Community Partners

We have joined with local and international human and sex trafficking organizations to help support and raise awareness about the work that they are doing. 

A member from one of our partner organizations will be joining us for each of our post-show talk backs.


[free-them] is made up of fifteen crazy, incredible individuals who have this vision that slavery can be abolished in our life time. With over 100 volunteers who help and support [free-them] throughout the year. [free-them] is made up of people from all different ethnicity’s, genders, ages, faiths, talents, passions, interests and areas of expertise in the work force – and yet when you bring us together we unite to represent as one voice. A voice for freedom, a voice for justice and a voice for love that states people should never be bought and sold. We believe there are four main Freedom Factors that are necessary in order to see human trafficking abolished: #1. Prevention & Education #2. Rescue & Law Enforcement #3. Rehabilitation & Aftercare #4. Policy & Government Affairs Above all, we believe that you cannot fight that which you don’t know exists, which is why [free-them] focuses on education and raising preventative measure to combat human trafficking.

Talk backs: September 27, 28, October 4 @ 11am & 8pm.


OneChild is the premiere organization inspiring a movement of children and youth taking action against child sex slavery. We believe ALL children — the world’s largest voiceless minority — must be free from all forms of exploitation and able to contribute to matters that affect THEM. Through public education campaigns and advocacy initiatives, and prevention, rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration efforts, today’s youth are providing hope.

Covenant House

Covenant House's mission is to serve the suffering children and youth on the street and to protect and safeguard all children and youth … with absolute respect and unconditional love. At Covenant House, we have made sex trafficking a major focus of our work. Our Urban Response Model is implementing a comprehensive anti-trafficking plan that includes measures ranging from prevention to enhanced victim services, including its transitional housing program, The Rogers Homes, as well as a research and evaluation component. 

Talk backs: September 29 & October 4 @ 8pm.

The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking

The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking has been established as the national voice on this issue. Acting as a “backbone” organization, The Centre coordinates and works with stakeholders and organizations (government, businesses and non-profit) dedicated to this issue, while advancing best practices and eliminating duplicate efforts across Canada.The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking exists to create a national strategy for change.

Talk back: October 4 @ 11am.

White Ribbon

White Ribbon is the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls, promote gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity. White Ribbon positively engages men, young men and boys through relevant educational programming that challenges language and behaviours, as well as harmful ideas of manhood that lead to violence against women.

Talk back: September 26

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